Ministry Update

We sent out our latest ministry update about a week ago via old fashioned mail that shows up in your mailbox. Our email version went out about 30 minutes ago. But in case you aren’t on either one of those lists, and follow our ministry blog, here’s our latest ministry update.

Thank you so much for the prayer and support for our summer. This summer might have been arguably one of the most memorable summers for us as a married couple (other than the summer we got married, of course!) We saw God move in incredible ways in South Africa. He moved in the lives of those we ministered to, in the lives of the students we brought with us, and in our lives. This update is a little longer than usual, but hopefully it helps to give you a clear glimpse into what our summer entailed.

Thank you again. You played such a vital role in the summer being a success. And as we dive into ministry for the fall semester, we once again covet your many prayers.


Truman & Amber

p.s. for a printable version, click here


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