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profile pic Amber grew up in Cincinnati, OH and graduated from Miami University (the one in Ohio that was a university before Florida was a state). After graduating, Amber spent time teaching and working in the corporate world. I grew up in Houston, TX and graduated from the University of Texas. After graduating, I served as a youth pastor in Houston, and on have been on staff with Campus Crusade in East Asia, University of Texas, New Orleans, the greater Austin area, and now the Denver metro area. We married on May 13, 2007, and have been serving on staff with Cru together since.

“Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”

As we continue this adventure together as husband and wife, we have decided that there’s nothing in this world worth holding on to or pursuing in comparison to a life centered on Christ. We want to pursue a life of faith, adventure, and fullness that is offered only in Christ. Welcome to our blog. Welcome to our life. A LIFE WORTH LOSING


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  1. hey guys! wow Tru-daddy, movin’ awn up i see =D. Congrats you guys! or should I say Y’ALL, TEY-XAS style =).

    Well I wish you all the best of luck…Truman you’ve always been an inspiration to me, an encouragement, and someone I truly look up to…which might surprise you seeing as we never had a chance to really hang out much. I wish we had the chance to hang more, but just know you’ve been a big blessing to me. God bless you all on your journey…maybe our kids can play together someday! =D

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