November Ministry Update

November 2013

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In this update, you’ll read about God’s answer to a simple prayer.


June Ministry Update

June 2013


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Newsletter includes:

  • Where we will be ministering in the months of June and July…
    Vail, CO. While Hudson is napping in the other room, Amber and I are sitting in our room prayerfully anticipating tomorrow’s arrival of this year’s summer project students… more.
  • A few prayer requests… more.


October Ministry Update

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A few highlights:

  • Read about Lauren, a student Amber discipled here in Denver. She also joined us in South Africa a couple summers ago. Read on to hear what God is doing through her now… more
  • What did Jesus mean in John 10:27 when he said, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” Read on to see how this applies to our ministry or even how this might apply to your life… more
  • Catch the Luke 10:2b virus. Read on to see what this is all about… more

August Ministry Update

Family Update

This has been an eventful year for us as a family with many challenges that have stretched our faith – Amber’s health, Hudson’s health, and financial challenges. But God is good. He continues to pursue us and has allowed us to experience His grace daily. We have been able to finally nail down all of the specific food allergies that were affecting Hudson! Thank you for praying with us for his health! After discovering two new allergens and eliminating them from Amber’s diet, within a week, Hudson’s eczema was almost completely gone, and since then his reflux has also improved significantly. And as of about 2 weeks ago, he is sleeping through the night and not waking up until 6 or 7am! We are incredibly thankful to see him thriving and no longer itchy and in pain! Words can never express how much Amber has weathered through pregnancy and these first 11 months of Hudson’s life. God’s grace and your prayers have upheld us as a family. This past weekend marked the date that Hudson was weaned and Amber was able to begin taking her medications for Fibromyalgia again. It has been two years this month that she has been off of her medication. We are hoping and praying that this will lead to some significant improvement in her pain levels and sleep, as well as finally allowing for complete healing from Hudson’s difficult delivery through her continued physical therapy. Despite the challenges of this year, nothing compares to the joy that Hudson has added to our lives! We can hardly believe that he will be a year old next month, and we thank God daily for blessing our family with Hudson.

Support Update

Many of you received a letter a while back sharing about our current financial needs. There was a possibility that we would be asked to leave staff. But the Lord has been so gracious. We have seen enough new monthly support come in to allow us to continue serving as staff of Cru for now. We are still in need of about $2000 of new monthly support to be able to report back on the field. Will you join with us in praying for 20 families who can commit to giving $100/mo? And
for God to allow us to meet and share with individuals who are called to give, even if it’s $5 or $10 a month. Each gift is significant in allowing us to join in what God is doing in the lives of college students. We were hoping and praying we would be able to report at the start of the fall semester, which starts in a few weeks. We technically could see all of our support come in. But if we don’t, pray that we would be able to report by mid-October. Thank you for praying, for your faithful giving, and for sharing names of friends with us that might be interested in being a part of our ministry! If you still want to give, go to


This summer, I’ve had the opportunity to lead 2 of 3 workshops (the 3rd will be in August) for a Chinese church in the greater Denver Metropolitan area. With the title, “Helping High School Students and Their Parents Prepare for Success in College,” the hope was to attract many Chinese students and their parents. Who doesn’t want to see success in college? But the students and parents quickly learned that success, in fact, has nothing to do with grades or career, but everything to do with spiritual development. One of the keys to their spiritual development is knowing, understanding, and embracing their identity. We talked about the importance of their identity in Christ. And we talked
about their identity as Chinese Americans, which for many of them, was something they have never really given much thought to. Did God create them as an Asian American on purpose? One of my favorite moments of the workshop was sharing about Moses, a man who was born Jewish, but raised Egyptian, whom God chose to carry out His purpose with His people, and looking out in the audience and seeing almost a “Wow…maybe there is something unique and special about being bi-cultural. God could really use me in an incredible way” look on not only the students’ faces, but also the parents’ faces.


It’s been a rough summer for Colorado. Multiple fires that threatened and destroyed homes and seemed impossible to contain. A shooting at City Park Jazz (a free jazz concert every Sunday during the summer, which Amber and I have been to) during which an off-duty police officer was shot and killed. And finally the shooting at the midnight showing of The Dark Knight. Of all these events, the shooting at the theater impacted me the most. James Holmes was a Ph.D. student at the University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical campus. Amber and I have spent most of our time ministering on the University of Colorado Denver campus. Believe what you may of the reasons behind the shooting, but I keep finding myself asking the question, “What might have been different if a student who came to Christ in our
ministry could’ve befriended James and led him to Christ?” Weeks after the shooting, I keep thinking of the incredible impact that today’s undergraduates can and will have in the world – be it for good or for unthinkable tragedy. As I’ve prayed for James, and the many families affected by his actions I am confronted by the incredible need for Christ in the lives of millions of college students in the world.

Cru Denver (all the various ministries of Cru, not just the campus ministry) has been praying and seeking God in how He would call us to help. Several staff in fact have a direct connection with families who were impacted first hand by the massacre. But there are hundreds, if not thousands of people with unseen wounds, emotional injuries that are just as real and with long lasting implications. We, Cru Denver, have committed to seeing that these unseen injuries receive quality care in order to help our city heal.

In partnership with the Denver Seminary Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Team, we hope to make counseling available to victims of this trauma. The Denver Seminary CISM Team is comprised of professional educators, counselors, social workers and pastors who have undergone additional training and certification to respond to critical incidents. The members are prepared to respond to a variety of situations with integrity and sensitivity.

Part of their team was deployed for the Colorado Springs fires when the theatre shooting occurred. They immediately sent another team to Aurora and have served well in the “Stabilization Phase.” Because this incident happened locally, they are also positioned to provide longer-term care. After meeting with their leadership this week, we learned that to address the need: (1) the traumatized people must be made aware of the available counseling, and (2) some finances must be provided for the counselors (They have served pro bono to this point, which is not sustainable for the longer-term care).
If you are also looking for a way to meaningfully respond, join us by going to the Denver Seminary CISM Team website: and by praying: (1)That every traumatized person would be made aware of the available counseling; (2)That sufficient funds would be available for counseling to be offered free of charge.

February Ministry Update

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