Travel Woes

With rising fuel prices (seems that everything starts off with that phrase these days), travel is becoming extremely ridiculous. Everyone already knows about American and United charging $15 each way for checked bags. By the way, they now have hired a new force of “Luggage Police” to monitor carry-on bags. But apparently that’s not enough to gouge passengers. Spirit airlines decided it’s not enough to charge passengers for a plane ticket, let’s charge them for an actual seat. $5 for the stinkin’ middle seat! Seriously!? And for all those people who have miles points credit cards, and frequent flyer miles, well, it’ll actually cost you $25-$50 to redeem your “free” flights. What will they think of next? Each passenger must weigh in upon check-in. Now pay an additional fee for fuel consumption per pound…oh wait. The bigger you are, the more air you breathe…we’ll charge for that too.

Ridiculous. I just want my free peanuts. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so.

Posted by Truman