Epic Conference 07

It’s the first morning of the Epic Conference: Chosen 2 Proclaim. That’s the theme for this year as we challenge students to consider who they are in Christ – that they have been “chosen”. Not just chosen to be in His kingdom, but also chosen with a purpose. That purpose being chosen to proclaim.

I’ve had the privilege to be one of the directors (the program director) for the conference. We have about 150 students and 52 staff who will be part of this conference. And I am coveting your prayers for the weekend.

Please pray for the students. Pray that many of them will be filled with passion for God’s kingdom. That they will go back to their campuses and be so filled with compassion for the lost…that they be compelled to plant spiritual movements that will shake this world when they get home. Some of the students attending may not even know Christ as their savior yet, so pray for these students’ salvation.

Pray for the staff. For many, this is their first foray into Epic and Asian American ministry. Pray that this will be an eye opening and heart opening weekend for them. Pray that this will be life changing in their perspective in understanding what it’s like for a minority student to have to live in a majority culture other than their own.

Lastly, pray for the logistics of the conference. The speakers, the seminar speakers, the day of outreach (we’re sending all the students out to the Lunar New Year celebration in downtown San Jose on Sunday…projected to have about 60,000 Vietnamese in attendance), the worship through music, etc….

The Holy Spirit will be moving mightily this weekend. Please join in praying that happens. Thank you.