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On Monday, Campus Crusade staff all over the US will participate in a ministry push aptly named Cross 09. Every staff will be ministering cross culturally. For years, Crusade staff have been crossing oceans with the Gospel message. Countless lives have been transformed because of those staff who crossed cultures. But even here in the United States, there are still “oceans” to be crossed. The number of ethnic minorities enrolling in colleges is continuing to exponentially increase. In fact, Latinos are on track to be largest demographic of school age children by 2050.

Staff will be spending those three days (November 9-11) focusing on reaching out to ethnic minority students. Some will be making an evangelistic push on their campus. Some will be traveling to several host city/locations around the country.

Denver is a host city, and Amber and I will be leading 30+ staff on those three days. It has been a lot of work, but very rewarding work, as we’ve prepared for the training times. We’ve grown in our understanding of minority culture, and we’ve grown in our heart for minorities, especially Latinos.

Please pray for us on these three days, as we lead this “conference” here in Denver. Pray that we can communicate clearly, and that God would use us instrumentally with helping staff grow in their heart (and in skills) to reach ethnic minorities here in the US.

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