Custodian Appreciation Day

This past Thursday was the 2nd Annual Custodian Appreciation Day (CAD) at the Colorado School of Mines. It was quite the day. Donuts in the morning for all the custodians, $5 Jimmy John’s gift cards for all 58 workers, a 3 layer cake, and a hilarious skit for entertainment. The Mines Cru group doubled their volunteer base compared to last year by partnering with 5 other clubs (not all Christian) on campus. And the students were able to raise over $700 on their own for the event.

What was great about this year was that CAD coincided with “bring-your-kid-to-work” day. So imagine a child waking up at 4 am to go to work with mom and watch her strip tile, and then going to a party in honor of all her hard work. The children were so proud.

Our Cru students really engaged with the custodians. In fact, one worker even said that he was never really sure if people appreciated what he does all year, but that this day makes him want to work harder and makes the year better.

What’s amazing was that this whole day, and all the ways the school was blessed by this event was birthed out of a simple question – “If Cru was not at Mines, would anyone notice?” The girls in that Bible study took that question to heart and started CAD last year. This year, at least 58 custodians would miss them if Cru was not at Mines.

Can’t wait to see what April 2011 brings.