2 Month Drive-By

Much has happened since the last post. Especially since our last post was over two months ago. Here’s a quick review:

We wrapped up the school year;

UT Small Group End Year

said bye to friends, family, staff and students as we prepared to move to our new assignment in Denver;


travelled to Michigan for Stacey (one of Amber’s closest friends) and Paul Bulucz’s wedding;
Bulucz wedding

travelled to Ohio for Evan’s (Amber’s youngest brother) high school graduation;


packed up our house and loaded the truck;

moving van

drove for three days to our new home state;

colorado state line

started house hunting and saw God provide in an amazing way; and enjoyed our first July 4th weekend together in Denver, which culminated with a free symphony at the Red Rocks Amphiteater.

symphony at Red Rocks

Next stop, Fort Collins, for our national staff conference. But in the mean time, we’re busy trying to meet with people to find new families who will partner with us in ministry. Pray with us that we will continue to see God supply all of our needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus. We’ve lost over $500 in monthly support this past month, but we look forward to meeting those who God has raised up to partner with us.


Urgent Request

This is from a friend of mine (Ryan), whose mom was involved in a serious accident on Monday night. So, please lift her up.

“My mom had an accident last night and is in intensive care. She does search and rescue for the county outside her normal job as a Physician Assistant and was on one last night where she lives in Lake Tahoe. They have a big ambulance type truck with a 30 ft antenna for radio communication. They were setting up for search for some lost hikers and the vehicle operator raised the antenna and it hit a power line over head and my mom happened to have her hand on the truck and was electrocuted. The current went in her hand and out her left foot. She was air lifted to Sacramento and is in the burn center. I was able to talk to a nurse and I even got to talk to her albeit briefly. I found out about the accident playing my voice mail on the way to work this morning and then called one of my sisters. I’m taking the day off so I can get more information as they run tests and monitor her. Here are the big things to pray for:

1) Cardiac function – it takes 24 – 48 hours to get out of the woods
2) No organ damage from the electric current
3) For her burns to her hand and feet that they would heal and not lead to permanent damage or her losing her foot”

Prayer update: my mom is now in stable condition. But her burns on her hand and foot especially are pretty bad. She is going to have surgery on Monday and we will find out then how much of her foot she is going to lose. Right now it looks like her big toe and the ball of her foot. I talked to her yesterday and I could tell it was all starting to set in and she was upset.

Please pray for her foot and that God would give her peace right now.

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Pray for a speedy recovery

Well, the surgery went fine. I’m alive. I won’t know for sure if everything is fine until after a few follow-up appointments. Hopefully taking care of the bone spur will remove some of the tenderness that I’ve been feeling. And hopefully I’ll have better range of motion in my arm again.

Amber’s arm is starting to feel better as well, but still in some pain. We’ve managed so far with her good left arm, and my good right arm. We’ve had some people from community group bring us meals. And we’ve had a great friend help us pick up something we bought off of craigslist.

All in all, we’ve been very blessed and cared for. Thank you for all the prayers, and we continue to ask you to pray for both Amber and me. We’ve got some traveling ahead of us, and it’d be really nice for at least one of us to have two good arms to use.

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Much Needed Prayer

For all my faithful readers (I think there might be at least one, maybe two) please be praying for Amber. I think after all the moving and settling in, her body has finally decided enough is enough. Last night she woke up in the middle of the night in A LOT of pain. Her whole right arm had shooting pain, She took her pain medication, and it helped just a little. But she’s also allergic to her pain medication, which means she normally can only take it in small doses spaced out. And now, her body is reacting to the pain medication, too…which means she can’t take it anymore.

And tomorrow, I’m having surgery on my collarbone (yeah, the one I broke a year and half ago), which means I will be out of commission for a while. So, please be praying for her body to recover, at least to a functioning level. And pray that I will have a speedy recovery from the surgery, and hopefully they would finally get everything fixed.

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Conference update

(This update was taken from a friend and fellow epic staff from Oregon…with his permission, of course)

Thank you so much for laboring with us in your prayers for the EPIC conference [Feb 16-19]! It was so awesome to fellowship with about 150 students and 50+ staff from all over the country. It was such a momentus and historic time. And as you know, this conference was not without obstacles & opposition. Sherry Slaughter’s [staff woman] house flooded just as she was leaving to drive up and set up registration on Friday, Jaeson Ma [one of the main speakers] got intense abdominal pains on Saturday morning and almost headed to the ER instead of coming to San Jose for the conference, Tommy Dyo [Epic national director and speaker] (who was still recovering from fever/sick symptoms) delivered his first talk to the EPIC movement with incredibly loud and distracting party music next door making it nearly impossible for students to concentrate on what was being said, Sunday morning we woke up to find some kind of convention next door to our main meeting involving tarot cards, sensual dancing, palm reading, & the like. Strange things were happening, and indicative of the spiritual warfare & deep strongholds that are engrained in AA communities. But despite all this, the reality of spiritual warfare brought people more to their knees in prayer and more proactively attentive to what God was doing in our midst. We prayed and were reminded that He who is in us, is greater than he who is in the world.

Students were challenged by Vivian Mabuni (who saved the day big time and delivered the first 2 talks when Tommy was sick), Tommy & Jaeson to connect with our Father in an entirely new way unlike how they’d been treated by earthly fathers, to realize our uniqueness of being bi-cultural & how God wants to use us to reach out to others through this new understanding of our identity, and to be committed to prayer & a passionate love for God. Students were challenged to take the gospel to our partnerships throughout the world on summer projects, STINTS and internships. Students were trained in seminars to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, to make wise/godly decisions for their futures, to plant spiritual communities, and more. Students who had never been hugged by their parents received hugs from their “spiritual” family during a powerful session Sunday night, which then ended with an awesome last worship set with students literally rushing the stage to dance, jump, and shout out in praise to our Father. Students & staff celebrated the Lunar New Year with a festive party filled with egg rolls, rice crackers, karaoke, boba tea, Asian candies, & more.

On our day of outreach, we went to the Vietnamese New Year festival (which was expecting over 60,000 people & represents the least reached subculture in the Bay Area) and saw:

323 spiritual conversations/exposures initiated
164 shared the gospel with
16 people accept Christ
81 people prayed on the spot for
8 people rededicated their life
Praise God!

Jaeson Ma said that we can’t be passionate (& in love) with God until we realize just how much He is passionately in love with us. We love because He first loved us. What a great take away for all of us as we leave this conference. Please continue to pray for our EPIC students as the story is just beginning for many of them.

– that the things the students learned will take root in their hearts
– that many of them will decide to be on a summer project
– that many of them will go back as missionaries on their campuses

Epic Conference 07

It’s the first morning of the Epic Conference: Chosen 2 Proclaim. That’s the theme for this year as we challenge students to consider who they are in Christ – that they have been “chosen”. Not just chosen to be in His kingdom, but also chosen with a purpose. That purpose being chosen to proclaim.

I’ve had the privilege to be one of the directors (the program director) for the conference. We have about 150 students and 52 staff who will be part of this conference. And I am coveting your prayers for the weekend.

Please pray for the students. Pray that many of them will be filled with passion for God’s kingdom. That they will go back to their campuses and be so filled with compassion for the lost…that they be compelled to plant spiritual movements that will shake this world when they get home. Some of the students attending may not even know Christ as their savior yet, so pray for these students’ salvation.

Pray for the staff. For many, this is their first foray into Epic and Asian American ministry. Pray that this will be an eye opening and heart opening weekend for them. Pray that this will be life changing in their perspective in understanding what it’s like for a minority student to have to live in a majority culture other than their own.

Lastly, pray for the logistics of the conference. The speakers, the seminar speakers, the day of outreach (we’re sending all the students out to the Lunar New Year celebration in downtown San Jose on Sunday…projected to have about 60,000 Vietnamese in attendance), the worship through music, etc….

The Holy Spirit will be moving mightily this weekend. Please join in praying that happens. Thank you.