Pray for a speedy recovery

Well, the surgery went fine. I’m alive. I won’t know for sure if everything is fine until after a few follow-up appointments. Hopefully taking care of the bone spur will remove some of the tenderness that I’ve been feeling. And hopefully I’ll have better range of motion in my arm again.

Amber’s arm is starting to feel better as well, but still in some pain. We’ve managed so far with her good left arm, and my good right arm. We’ve had some people from community group bring us meals. And we’ve had a great friend help us pick up something we bought off of craigslist.

All in all, we’ve been very blessed and cared for. Thank you for all the prayers, and we continue to ask you to pray for both Amber and me. We’ve got some traveling ahead of us, and it’d be really nice for at least one of us to have two good arms to use.

Posted by Truman