The End of the Year!

This past week was our last week of ministry for the school year, which meant a full schedule of meetings, evaluation and planning for the fall, our last staff social of the semester, meeting with students, and an end-of-the-year party to recognize the seniors in our ministry and send our students off for the summer!

I kicked off the week by hosting a celebration dinner for my small group girls.  We had a time for each girl to share how God has been at work in their life this year and we also had a time of prayer over each person.  It was a sweet way to end our year together!

UT Small Group End Year Dinner

For our staff team, part of the week was spent at a planning retreat at a lakehouse 2 hours outside of Austin.  One of our ministry partners was able to arrange the location for us and it was a blessing for our team!

Lakehouse View

Some of our staff team taking an afternoon break from meetings to play bocce ball.

bocce ball
Staff Team End Lakehouse
On Thursday night, there was an end of the year party for our UT Epic ministry to send off the students for the summer and recognize the seniors who are graduating from our movement.  Truman shared a few words of encouragement with the seniors and issued a challenge for them as they begin a new chapter in their lives.


The Seniors walking the “Red Carpet”


Two of the girls in my bible study asked if I would bake the cake for our End of the Year Party. I decorated it to reflect the Hollywood theme of the Senior Recognition night.

09 Epic Grad Cake

I will be sad not to meet with these sweet girls to study the Word together every week! Three of them are graduating and off to their next adventures! Three of them are heading off on summer mission trips to East Asia. I am so excited to hear their stories of how God is at work in and through them this summer!

UT Small Group End Year

Please pray for our students this summer!  Pray that they would honor God and continue to grow in their faith wherever they are this summer.

We are SO thankful for our team of ministry partners!  This year of ministry would not have been possible without your faithful prayers and financial support!  We have been incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to share in what God has done this year in the lives of college students.


31 Reasons

I’ve heard of people having birthday celebration weeks, where friends and families gather to celebrate, to shower gifts, and to make the week all about the birthday person. As someone not having the penchant for celebrating or reflecting, I figured I’ll take a stab at the latter as I turn a whopping 31 years old.

31 Reasons to Celebrate Today (well actually yesterday)

  1. Another year of being part of God’s family
  2. Deepening in my understanding of God’s amazing grace
  3. Marrying my best friend, and starting a new chapter of life
  4. Having parents who love the Lord
  5. Gaining a “new” family who is full of life and fun
  6. The Lord providing us with our first house
  7. The Lord providing a buyer for my first home
  8. The Lord providing a generous and hospitable cousin who opened up her home to us before we were able to move into our own place
  9. An opportunity to be in the lives of my two nephews before they move off to China
  10. An opportunity to walk through the struggles with infertility together with my sister and bro-in-law
  11. And to see how the Lord has used the struggle to teach them and to shape them
  12. An amazing year in New Orleans with an incredible ministry team in New Orleans (which I’m really sad to have to leave) being a part of history in rebuilding the city physically and spiritually
  13. Being able to move back to Austin. The city I love, in the State that I love!
  14. Being on yet another summer project
  15. Seeing students share their faith for the first time
  16. Seeing students lead someone to Christ for their first time
  17. And this is my job!!!
  18. Seeing God provide for us each month through faithful supporters
  19. Seeing people increase their support out of faith to give towards our growing needs as a family
  20. That God continues to provide after 8 years of being on staff
  21. Steak and Sushi (my birthday meal)
  22. Popeyes (my early bday celebration with friends in Austin before we left for Ohio)
  23. Facebook – never had so many happy birthday wishes ever in my life
  24. Learning to remember the important things in life through my friends and family who have been touched by cancer this year
  25. Friends who were generous in flying out to be at my wedding
  26. Friends who committed to stand with me on that day and in days to come
  27. That I would be so lucky to marry a woman like Amber
  28. Someone who’s got an incredible heart of compassion
  29. Someone who loves to be creative
  30. Someone who loves to understand my heart
  31. Someone who loves ME!

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